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JSC "Dori-Darmon" is a leading wholesale and retail company in the dynamically developing pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan. The company has regional divisions, which include 7 joint-stock companies and 14 limited liability companies, including 17 warehouses, 15 analytical laboratories. In order to provide the population of remote rural and mountainous areas with medicines, in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Republic, the company established 133 mobile pharmacies and pharmacy branches with the help of specialized vehicles ISUZU and DAMAS isothermal vans. Mobile pharmacies are equipped with all the necessary tools to deliver quality medicines to the population at affordable prices. Refrigerators and air conditioners are available to comply with the temperature regime when storing medicines.

  The company "Dori-Darmon Garant" LLC has its own customs warehouse, which provides customs clearance and storage of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the company has Dori-Darmon Invest LLC, which specializes in marketing research of the drug market in Uzbekistan, the provision of services for the registration of drugs and medical devices. DD-Insurance LLC, an insurance company providing health and property insurance services to the population of the republic, has been established within Dori-Darmon JSC.

 The company pays great attention to the organization of a wide network of social pharmacies, which is the main range of socially important drugs and medical products. Today, JSC "Dori-Darmon" and its regional divisions have established 2283 public pharmacies, 70% of which are located in rural family clinics and rural medical centers in remote areas. There are also 44 community pharmacies located in family clinics and multidisciplinary clinics in Tashkent. For several years, the joint-stock company "Dori-Darmon" has been implementing state programs to provide medical institutions of the Ministry of Health with medicines for the treatment of socially significant diseases at the expense of targeted budget funds.

The pharmacy network of Dori-Darmon JSC distributes medicines and medical supplies free of charge to privileged patients. The list of 13 diseases and the list of persons providing free medical care in an outpatient setting was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 22, 2013 No 204.

In order to fully meet the needs of the population in medicines, the company's pharmacies are equipped with prescription drugs.

In order to improve the services for the population of Tashkent, including privileged patients, the information service "1002" of the network of JSC "Dori-Darmon" was established, which provides detailed information on the availability of medicines and medical products in 96 pharmacies in Tashkent.

 Dori-Darmon JSC has been a leader in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan for many years due to its professional and stable activity, ensuring the constant availability of vital medicines, expanding cooperation and providing new medicines to the population. The use of an extensive computer network system provides access to operational information, optimization of the processes of active reception, storage and delivery of products to the population, coordination of the activities of warehouses and departments involved in the delivery, receipt and sale of products.

Dori-Darmon JSC is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical products in the Uzbek market and has a large team of like-minded people. Employees of JSC "Dori-Darmon" and its regional divisions are highly qualified specialists who are masters of their profession. Most pharmaceutical professionals have qualification categories, and the company is constantly improving the skills of its staff. Along with the provision of medicines to the population and medical and preventive institutions of the country, JSC "Dori-Darmon" constantly monitors the quality of medicines produced in pharmacies, in the development of normative and technical documents for the production of dosage forms in pharmacies.

 Dori-Darmon JSC cooperates with domestic pharmaceutical companies and more than 130 leading foreign companies. In particular, it works on the basis of agreements with leading companies in the world pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the United States.

aAO «Dori-Darmon» - the leading optovo-roznichnaya company on the dynamically developing pharmaceutical market in Uzbekistan. The company has regional subdivisions, which include 7 joint-stock companies and 14 joint-stock companies, including 17 warehouses, 15 analytical laboratories. V tselyax obespecheniya lekarstvami naseleniya otdalennyx sels

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