Company development strategy

Strategic development of processes provides for the development and adoption by the “Dori-Darmon” JSC a number of measures aimed at providing the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan with medicines in the current conditions until 2018 and designed for the long term.

The main goal of the joint-stock company is to provide residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and medical institutions with high-quality pharmaceutical products at cheap prices.

The development of marketing activities implies the following:

- Systematic merchandising of the product in the retail chain

- Development of brand marketing

- Improving the quality standards of customer service

- Increasing the minimum assortment

- Expansion of the range of retail trade with imported products and products of local producers

Product range policy:

- Ongoing monitoring of pharmacies, monitoring price lists of leading distributors in a particular region and providing products to customers based on the analysis of their rating tables

- Identifying a nomenclature of items available from both pharmacies and leading suppliers and using it to create an exhaustive list of all drugs eligible for inclusion on the drug list.

Investment Development:

- Annual assessment of the company's investment opportunities

- It is possible to make fuller use of investment opportunities and the active use of investment resources

- Ensuring rapid exploitation of new promising bright investment opportunities

Development of information and communication technologies:

- Marketing optimization, introducing additional features into the defect reduction program presented by the help desk.

- Full automation of the document management system

- Training and professional development of employees in the field of ICT

- Ongoing support and development of the company's social pages

- Ongoing support and development of the company's mobile application

Dividend policy:

- Distribution of net profit received each year and directing the main share to the development of the company

- Income distribution:

  • 25% - dividends (in cash)
  • 5% - reserve capital
  • 70% - increase in the nominal value of the share due to capitalization of the authorized fund

Production development:

- Development of internal production of the pharmacy: an increase in the number of products and sales volume

- Development of galena production capacity of “Avicenna” plant

- Increase in the range of products manufactured

- “IntegraDD” LLC:

- Increased production of injectable drugs

- Start production of infusion solutions

Human Resources Policy:

- Conduct regular training sessions with employees at the “Dori-Darmon” JSC training center

- Optimizing the standard of employee selection

- Wage increases

- Maintaining a social package

- Expanding the range of services for employee health insurance

- Development of additional bonus criteria

- Increasing the number of training sessions for employees

- Creating opportunities for career advancement

The implementation of developmental measures makes it possible to achieve the following:

- To remain one of the leading joint stock companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan

- Increasing the level of “Dori-Darmon” brand recognition among the population.

- Increasing consumer loyalty to “Dori-Darmon” JSC products and services by providing consumers with information about the company's products and strengths.

- Regular implementation of innovations based on the use of scientific advances and best practices in the field of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, management methods, technologies to improve system efficiency and product quality.

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to create a sustainable national industry capable of providing the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan with cheap, effective and safe drugs in the necessary quantities. An important element of the Strategy should be the creation of a new generation of drugs, the implementation of innovative projects and the expansion of services.

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